#214.4 al-Harrani World Map

TITLE:  World Map from the Jami ’al-funun

DATE:  14th century

AUTHOR:  Ahmad idn Hamdan al-Harrani

DESCRIPTION: This map is derived from the Jami’ al-funun [The gatherer of the sciences] by Ahmad ibn Hamdan al-Harrani.  It is undated, but the map closely follows the geometrical pattern of those in the Ibn al-Wardi manuscripts (#214.1).  Oriented with South at the top.

LOCATION:  Forschungsbibliothek, MS. Orient A. 1513, fols. 46b-47a, Gotha


*Harley, J. B., The History of Cartography, Volume Two, Book One, p. 143, Figure 6.5.


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