Early Medieval Monographs 400 - 1300

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201   Macrobian world maps

201.1  Map from Anonymous Astrological Miscellany, 3rd century

202  Cosmas Indicopleustes’ world picture, 6th century

203  Anonymous Geographer from Ravenna

204  Map of the “Inhabited Quarter”

205  Isidore of Seville’s tripartite world (T-O) maps, including the following:

        Paulus Orosius, the Venerable Bede, Caius Crispus Sallustius  
       (Sallust), Lucanian, Y-O, V-square and
 Byzantine Oxford,
      (B-O T-O) Maps.

206  Albi or Merovingian world map, 8th century

206.1 Seiiki no Chizu: Map of China and Westward, 8th century

207  Beatus world maps, 894 - 926 A.D.

208   Sino-Tibetan world map, ca. 733 A.D.

209  Ancient Chinese world view, from the Chhin-Ting Shu Ching T’u Shuo, 138 BC

210   Anglo-Saxon or Cottonian world map, 900 A.D.

211   al-lstakhri’s world map, Arabic, 934 A.D.

212   Massaudy world map, pre-956 A.D.

213   Ibn Hawqal’s world map, Arabic, 980 A.D.

214    al-Kashgari’s world map, Arabic, 1076 A.D.

214.1   Ibn al-Wardi world map, 1001 A.D.

214.2   Balkhi world map with climate boundaries, 816 A.D.

214.3   al-Biruni world map of the distribution of land and sea, 1029 A.D.

214.4   al-Harrani, world map from the Jami ’al-funun, 14th century

214.5 El Escorial world map, 12th century

214.6 Terrestrial map, Takvim-i Tarihi

215    The Sawley Map (Henry of Mainz), ca.1110 A.D.

           Jerome’s map of Asia

216  Guido of Pisa’s world map, 1119 A.D.

217  Lambert of St. Omer world maps, 1120 A.D.

218   Hua I T’u [Map of China and the Barbarian Countries], ca.1137 A.D.

218.1 Yü Chi T’u [Map of the Tracks of Yü the Great], ca. 1137 A.D.

219   al-Idrisi’s world maps, 154 A.D.

          al-Sifaqsi world map, after al-Idrisi

             Sun‘I, from Lokman’s Zübdetü’t-tevarih

220    Ti Li chih T’u [Map of West China], 1155 A.D.

220.1   Fu Yin’s Yü Kung Shuo Tuan ca.1160 A.D.

220.2   Dili Tu, 1193/1247

220.3  Vercelli mappamundi, 12th-13th century

221  Ibn Said’s world map, Arabic, 13th century

222   al-Qazwini world maps

223   Psalter mappamundi, 1225 A.D.

223.1 Silent World Map, 1265

223.2 Bar Hebrews, 1226-1286

224   Gervase of Tilbury, Ebstorf mappamundi, 1234

224.2 Oxford MS 274 Prefatory map, late 13th century

224.3 Duchy of Cornwall Fragment

225   Matthew Paris’ world map, 1250

         Matthew Paris’  Itinerary,  from London to Apulia.

226   Richard de Bello of Haldingham, Hereford mappamundi, 1290

226.1  The Mamunic World Map, Ibn Fadl Allah al-‘Umari, ca. 16th century

226.2   Eclectic Indian world map, ca. 1770


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