#220.1 Fu Yin's Yu Kung Shuo Tuan

A diagrammatic chart of the river systems of West China, from Fu Yin’s Yü Kung Shuo Tuan [Discussions and Conclusions Regarding the Tribute of Yü] of ca.1160 A.D.  The great bend of the Yellow River round the Ordos Desert and its passage through the Lung Mên gorges will be seen at the top, while lower down the old road and canal connecting the Wei River with the Han River (i.e., the Yellow and Yangtze River systems) through the Chhinling mountains can be made out.  In Szechuan, Chhêng-tu and Mt Omei are marked.


From Needham in his Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 3, Figure 208, p. 515.

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