#241 “Conspiracy of Catilin” 


Title: Map of a Swiss codice that contains the “Conspiracy of Catilin” and the “Jugurthine War”by Sallust

Author: Unknown

Date: 1420

Description: see attached .pdf  3-page monograph

Last Updated: 7 October 2014

This map, like many maps of the European medieval period, is oriented with East at the top. However, Paradise is not displayed at the top where the three great rivers are shown. Gog and Magog are mentioned behind substantial enclosures in Asia, the Caspian Sea is shown enclosed; the map is centered on Jerusalem, the Red Sea is colored red and the Nile River is typical of the period. There are few illustrations, all of which are in Africa. Africa is terminated in a southeasterndirection such that the Indian Ocean is an open sea. 

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